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FOREVER-Newsblog presents news from the media about different aspects of life extension: aging research, anti aging medicine, psychology, politics, demography, transhumanism, philosophy, religion…

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1. History

FOREVER is an online magazine orginally from Germany which is dedicated to reflect and discuss all the different fields of longevity and physical immortality. Existing since September 2003 the central focus was on collecting and commenting news from the German media about life extension topics, adding once in a while some own insights to the various questions and challenges. Since summer 2008 this work has mainly been done in an own separate newsblog which had already a small English section with news and articles from the English speaking countries. Since the second half of 2009 the English section became bigger and bigger so that finally in May 2010 this additional English newsblog was started.

2. German Pages:

The German main page you can find under following adress:


The German term “physische Unsterblichkeit” means “physical immortality” in English. The German newsblog, which is very similar in structure and appearance to the English one but has much more entries (to date more than one thousand!) and far more comments, is located under this adress:


3. Philosophy:

One of the main positions of FOREVER is a sharp distinction between all questions of scientific, medical or practical feasibility from those of general desirability of extreme longevity, claiming that the latter ones have the first priority. And the desirability or the motivation for life extension is deeply connected with all aspects of life quality, so all kind of psychological, social, political, economical, philosophical or religious topics have to be involved.

Another important point is the constant remembrance that the overcoming of aging and disease is not the same at all as the overcoming of death! Naturally the overcoming of aging is a vital and also highly symbolic part in the quest for extreme life extension but as there are very different categories of death causes other threats of life have to be constantly reflected.

The permanent referring to the statistics of mortality by a lot of activists in the life extension communities, saying that 80-90% of all deaths are resulting from age related diseases, seems not very appropriate in the light of every day consciousness and collective priorities which are not ruled by sheer statistical data but by their very own laws and mechanisms. The general attitudes and mental dispositions about life and death derive from various cultural conditions and are described and explained by sociological and psychological theories. Historical seen the great majority of age related diseases for general mortality is also a very new phenomenon which does not apply for every part of the world or every part of developed societies even of today. Additionally no single human being on earth owns a guarantee that he or she will in fact reach at least the given “average” lifespan. On the contrary most people have to do a lot of things to secure their lifes and their life quality in a much shorter time frame, that means on a day by day, year by year or a decade by decade basis. A lot more could to be said about these relations, but this belongs to the constant every day work of FOREVER…

4. Biography of the founder of FOREVER:

My name is Lothar Michael Muth, I was born in 1960, grew up in Western Germany and live in Berlin since the beginning of the 80ies. I was always interested in the idea of physical immortality since my childhood up from the early seventies, have a diploma in sociology (from 1989) and have studied all questions about the relation between society and nature in fields like anthropology, social medicine or psychosomatics. I had a special interest in the evolutionary origin of man, the biological origins of society and especially the relevance of sociobiology (E.O.Wilson) for the social sciences in general, which was the topic of my final work. Since the early nineties I moved to the problems of ecology and finally to the sociology of aging, the sociology of religion and other related fields. I do not work as a scientist although running this online magazine for me is also a vital and on-going comment to the normal exclusion of deeper existential dispositions, problems and boundaries from the areas of the social sciences. The strongest intellectual influence regarding the relevance of death on the development of the whole human culture I have got from a very brilliant book by an Italian psychoanalyst written in the 80ies. His name is Luigi De Marchi, the title of the book is (in Italian) “Lo shock primario” (“The Primary Shock”, in German: “Der Urschock – Unsere Psyche, die Kultur und der Tod”) and as far as I know it is not translated into English until now.

I do not believe in various optimistic views about the development of medicine, biogerontology or related scientific approaches, because I know similar overoptimistic promises and predictions about the progress of aging research since the seventies – with no substantial results until now. For me the challenge of immortality is not something of optimism or pessimism or passive speculations about the future but of getting involved into an active investigation of the ultimate reality. Therefore in my view the real entrance in “escape velocity” must start with conventional anti aging medicine, a fundamental shift in the individual and collective consciousness and deep changes in the general lifestyle and social conditions. In this perspective “physical immortality” is something like an ultimate goal or ultimate value for me which can be combined with the traditional search for eternal peace, ultimate truth, ultimate justice and eternal love.

5. Contact adress:

For questions, advices, informations, commendations, criticism etc. about the contents of this magazine please use this E-mail adress:


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6. Registration and Commenting:

To write a comment you have to be registered in the blog. Registration is free but please do not use strange or funny pseudonyms like “Hamlet”, “xy832″, “The Highlander” or similar names because the movement for life extension cannot grow fast enough as long as it stays restricted to the virtual area or to just anonymous exchange of thoughts and ideas. So your full real name would be fine but your first name is enough. Offences, spam, illegal material and so on will be deleted without comment.

For registration and Log in you have to use the following adress under permanent links, see below.

7. Permanent Links:

This newsblog is also located under following adress. For registration, Log in, commenting, linking and saving some entries for your favorites you must use this one:


8. Apology:

English is not my first language, so please apologize one or another mistake in spelling or grammar. I would be glad for some advice or information about errors or unproper style, contact adress see above.

I once met a german woman who told me that she had worked as a taxi driver in New York for some years. One of her main experiences was the surprising fact that it was much easier for her to speak about SEX in a foreign language. So, in this sense ”let’s talk about”… LONGEVITY, because until today the language of longevity still seems to be a foreign language for all of us. (“Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be…”)

PS: The small lines under the older news entries for the authors, links and dates of the single news are not all translated in English yet. It will still last some time to finish the transformation.

“TokyoKyoto, Paris, London, Trieste… BERLIN!”

(The one-eyed detective alias Peter Falk in “Wings of Desire” (“Der Himmel ueber Berlin”), a film by Wim Wenders)

(May 23, 2010. Last update of this introduction: August 2, 2010)

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